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Adore T. Raviller
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United States
Or the Galaxy, or the Gate, or Childhood, depends on which fandom you're currently obsessing over really. 

First off: Guardians of the Galaxy was kick ass. See it when you get the chance. 

Secondly: (I have no idea what I wrote in previous month update so give me three dots while I go read it)


okay, Well I did NOT go rereading the original 9 books of Chess and Checkers. Well, I didn't read all nine. I read book 4, and the opening and ending chapters of 3 (and nearly died from excess tears), some of 2, and a bit of 6. (Maddox, man, I can't WAIT to write him again.) I did however manage to finish my revision of Identity. Hopefully I won't be doing any new revisions that in depth again, but I do like it more. The point is Identity is temper ... temporarally ... temporarily! complete. And i have moved onto book 2 of Check which is going to be "The Cost of Choice" which was originally the title of the original book 5, but ... seriously, out of the entire series, this one is going to be the most different since I'm melding book 2 and book 5 together to get rid of that whole ... time travel deus ex machina. Well maybe no so much "deus" as "prophet" ex machina. Whatever! it doesn't matter.

The point is I'm writing book 2 of Chess and Checkers, and working on some copy editing. The new version of Identity will not be posted as of yet, as I want to be sure I don't leave you guys with possible years of waiting for the next books. The waiting kills. It kills. Those of you waiting for Choice Illusion: Exodus, you know what I mean. 

Powers, anyone who's waited for the sequel to the book they love will know the feeling. I don't like that feeling, and I don't want to inflict it on others ... Okay, that's not 100% true, but it's mostly true. Okay, it's kinda true. At least with books anyway. 
There was a time on Luna where I would post every damn day when uploading a story. Of course if you go to Lunaescence, and check publishing dates it might seem I've been slacking off, but I've just been growing as a writer, and unfortunately that means you end up thinking everything you create is some level of complete and utter crap. It wouldn't matter if God's God came to be, read it and said, "that's good." It would still be crap. 

I might have a bit of a complex.

You probably aren't reading anymore are you? Whatever. I'm working, and that's all that matters. I may not do quantity, but I, by george, do quality and ...

who the hell is george and why do people swear by him?  
ponder on THAT for a while, I'mma go write something that'll probably make me cry. GOOD DAY.  
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Ah! I found ya ovo

This is Knight z from lunaescence and I'm so happy to found you today ovo
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It's always good to be found!
especially since I'm more active on here than I am on Lunaescence. 
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Thanks for adding my poem to your :+fav:s - I'm glad you liked it! :-)
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